Unconscious Bias

Our programmes are underpinned by the latest research from Neuroscience and Cognitive psychological

The programmes are designed to begin the conversation and reveal insights into how unconscious bias shows up in our behaviours and decision-making, perhaps despite our best efforts and good intentions. The programmes explore the impact of different types of unconscious bias and presents practical tips and strategies that can help in managing and reducing bias at the individual, team and organisational level. A key to understanding unconscious bias is an acknowledgement that whilst “we share a common space, we do not necessarily share a common reality”. It’s from here we can begin to notice our decision making, micro behaviours, and choices that can potentially lead to unintended unconscious bias.


We are licensed administrators of the “Implicitly” bias test which measures associations between your thoughts and your responses.  We offer coaching post-tests to help individuals, particularly for executives and business leaders who may benefit from a more tailored and customised coaching interventions in helping them reduce bias.

Diversity Coaching

We offer coaching for senior executives on diversity and inclusion issues whether it be about formulating a strategic action plan or gaining new perspectives.

We also offer coaching to executives who are in a minority in an organisation at senior levels, particularly ethnic minorities and women.

Train the Trainer

Our train the trainer programme is inspiring, practical and fun. It’s designed for those who are interested in adding to their portfolio facilitation skills in diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias. The programme is structured around a ‘Theory – Practice – Feedback’ framework, with opportunities for each participant to practice and receive feedback on the content during the course of the programme.

Conference and Events

Over the last 20 years we have combined our experience with practical application on a range of diversity and inclusion issues at various conferences and events. Our presentations ensure we combine, best practice with powerful story telling that connects with our core values of Inspiring, influencing and being authentic.

Bite sized Facilitation

Bite-sized or ‘taster’ sessions of 90 minutes which can be delivered either face to face as a series of ‘lunch and learn’ sessions or as part of conferences or as webinars.

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