Expat Relocation Training

For organisations with international operations, it is common to assign employees overseas. This is an effective way to spread both expertise and best practice to new subsidiaries, joint ventures and expanding markets.

For the international assignee, such international opportunities can be challenging and exciting, offering the opportunity to work with new colleagues, on new projects, and in different cultural environments.

The International Assignment Programme (IAP) has been designed to help international assignees and their families effectively prepare for and manage the challenges that come with living and working in a new country. The programme provides tailored training and resource materials that address both personal and practical factors found to influence relocation success.

IAP Training Aims
  • To enhance awareness and understanding of the impact of moving overseas and of key cultural adjustment issues that influence relocation success.
  • To help identify the personal challenges associated with moving to a new culture and to develop coping strategies that address these challenges.
  • To provide country-specific information and explore practical resources to help participants prepare for daily living and doing business in the new country.
Programme Contents

Global Excellence’s International Assignment Programmes typically include:

  • Managing culture shock
  • Practical information on:

– Living in your new environment

– Career opportunities

– School and college systems

– Social opportunities and making new friends

– Strategies for coping and making the most of your experience

Supplementary Programmes

Please contacts us for information on:

– Children’s Programmes

– Post-arrival Support Programmes

– Repatriation Training Programmes

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