Working Remotely – Why is it so tough?

Working remotely is now the norm in many organizations. It is becoming increasingly rare to find a team that is co-located and of a single nationality that is self-sustaining in a business organisation these days. Many, if not most of us, get our job done through working with colleagues, suppliers and clients whom we never […]

Why we need to network globally?

When organisations ‘go global’ we often think of the formal networks that need to be stretched and expanded to accommodate the increase in communication that results. What we often fail to realise is that as individuals, we now need to network on a global scale as well, in order to maintain the effectiveness of our […]

Resistance to cultural diversity in the workplace impacts global business

Every consultant has stories to tell of encountering resistance to cultural diversity training.  We also know that different levels of knowledge, awareness and information about culture within client organisations can impacts the acceptance or resistance to the topic. This also, unsurprisingly, extends to the success or failure of the organisation’s international business activities. One option is […]

Gaining Synergy In Cross Cultural Coaching By Richard Cook

Business organisations use coaching to develop their people – that’s a fact. It is also a fact that many businesses are a diverse and multicultural workplace. The combination of these two factors together can present some interesting challenges to people and organisations. Coaching, as it is practiced in most ‘Western’ companies can be experienced as a […]

What do you hate about global working? By Richard Cook

When I ask clients the question “What are the advantages of global working?” I find they very quickly list out a whole range of things such as: “It challenges you and makes you think”, “It makes you more flexible as a human being”, “It strengthens the organic growth of the business”, “It can be very enjoyable, fun and […]

Multicultural Change Management Made Easy By Richard Cook

How do you achieve highly effective AND long-term change when working multiculturally? The best place to start in making sense of others is by making sense of you! This includes knowing about your own culture (National & regional) and knowing how you as an individual fit the national generalisations (Are you typical of your national/ […]

How to Grow your Global Savvy by Richard Cook

Are your international tele-con meetings delivering culture shock without you even being aware of it? In today’s busy world we all work globally – sometimes we fly and visit but mostly we just sit at our desks, at our workstations or in video conferencing rooms whilst the world, in all its diversity comes to us. […]

Global Training as Culture Shock by Richard Cook

“Do I want to give people culture shock or do I want to get savvy about culture in the training room, and do it right first time?” Every day – in a training room somewhere round the world – someone is having culture shock. Either the participants or the trainer – or both! Globalisation means that […]