Delivering Global Training

Lack of awareness of differences in international culture and working practices has an impact on almost every aspect of business life.

More and more companies are dependent for future growth and prosperity on the quality of their workforce – wherever it is based. The fact is that workforces are much more diverse than they have ever been and as organisations deliver more and more ‘universal’ training packages to achieve maximum levels of quality at minimum costs – the emphasis is on how effective training can bring about the changes that will produce the greatest results.

Global Excellence’s Intercultural Skills for Training programmes are for professional trainers and HR in-house practitioners charged with delivering key global development programmes.

Programme content
An ‘Intercultural Skills for Training programme includes:
  • Awareness of the key cultural issues that affect training delivery
  • Understanding which cultures take a ‘playful’ approach to learning and which take a ‘serious’approach
  • Awareness of which training activities (group-work, games, role-plays) will be most effective with different cultures
  • An understanding of the key factors affecting international training when using English as the lingua franca
  • Best practices for delivering training in an international context
  • New approaches to giving and receiving negative feedback – motivating foreign counterparts and developing rapport across borders.
  • An understand how hierarchy and status issues can impact on the training process and develop strategies to overcome them.

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