Cross Cultural Communication

Quite a lot of us spend a fair proportion of our lives working from the assumption that other people are, deep down, much the same as us.

But why is this?

How come we are so intent on assuming that complete strangers from the other side of the planet behave in the same way we do?

One reason is that we have internalised the values, attitudes and behaviours common in our own cultures; we no longer have to think about what to do or say in a given situation, we just know. At work we ‘know’ how to tackle problems, how to communicate with people and how to build relationships – and what we ‘know’ is what we have taken in from observing the world and the people around us. In reality, of course, what is ‘natural’ to a person from one cultural environment is not actually all that natural to someone from a different culture. In international business serious problems can arise because cultural ‘mistakes’ that often do not become apparent until the damage is done – if they were obvious, most of us would not make them.

Global Excellence’s Cultural Awareness Training programmes are a fast and cost-effective way to acquire the information and confidence you need to develop successful working partnerships with counterparts across the globe. These programmes are packed with essential advice and cultural information for anyone working closely with international counterparts, and introduce effective, practical strategies for enhancing cross-cultural effectiveness at work.


A Global Excellence Cross-cultural Communication Training course will provide you with:

  • Confidence through better understanding of how other cultures work
  • Strategies for coping and making the most of your international experience
  • The ability to spot basic similarities and differences between cultures, and take appropriate action
  • The ability to assess international counterparts against a selection of key criteria, and build an operating procedure for working with them more effectively
Programme Approach

Utilising an interactive and hands-on approach, these workshops are practical, thought-provoking and experiential. At the heart of it is a learner-centred focus that maximises the opportunities to test and develop people’s thinking, strategy and inter-personal skills to the maximum.

A Cultural Awareness Training course typically includes:

  • An understanding of cultural awareness
  • Implicit cultural values & attitudes
  • Cross-cultural communication strategies
  • Offshore English – pluses & pitfalls
  • Verbal & non-verbal patterns across cultures
  • Managing business relationships across cultures
  • Managing intercultural communication
  • Country/ region hints & tips

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