What our Clients say …

“The reason that we chose to work with Global Excellence was because from the very first conversation Richard demonstrated a real understanding of the communication challenges expressed by our staff working in a globally located business teams. For Wiley Richard delivers facilitated group sessions for our managers and tailored 1:1 coaching for staff working closely with business units in Germany and India that required a greater insight into the culture”.

Trish Nye, Wiley HR Manager

“Global Excellence have been able to work very well with us in this framework, being open to our challenges, providing excellent cultural tools and techniques to bring the best out of the audience and the workshop, and in an inclusive respectful style.  They have also provided deep expertise on coaching participants in their cultural development and preparation prior to the workshop, on a one to one basis.  We look forward to further development work together in this fast evolving field at the edge of cultural differences on a global stage.”

Sam King, BP Talent Manager, Russia and Central Asia

“I was looking for a training solution that would be deliverable right across both the UK and India sides of the business and it was important that neither side (the UK or India) was portrayed as ‘the problem’, but that everyone had a part to play in getting a sense of a single team, working together. Global Excellence designed and delivered a highly effective programme both for the UK and for Bangalore, helping to put key cultural issues at the heart of our global training agenda.”

Asha Sridhar, Training Manager of Tesco, India

“The Training Across Cultures programme helped my staff to have a greater awareness of cultural issues and the different training techniques, which might be appropriate for different cultural groups. As a result of the training, our trainers are now able to adapt their training to be more effective globally by using the practical tools and techniques acquired during the training when planning and delivering training programmes in a wide range of different cultures”.

Simon J. Trowell, Education Manager – GSK PLC

“These were very informative and thought provoking sessions. They certainly left people thinking about how they could adapt their communication styles to be more effective with Indian counterparts. These sessions were well-facilitated and raised people’s awareness – giving practical solutions despite the short time framework”.

 Cathy Searcy D & I consultant – Shell

“Global Excellence have been able to share their immense experience with us and challenge our thinking about diversity and Inclusion”.

Annelies Walta, – HR Manager Volvo Car Operations B.V. the Netherlands

“As a result of the training we are now able to understand the meeting behaviour of our Swedish colleagues much better. We now know why it takes longer for them to make decisions than their Dutch counterpart, something than caused much frustration in the past. This knowledge enables us to work better and more efficiently together with them, without having always a feeling of misunderstanding between each other”.

Ruth Bourne, Senior Advisor with Global D&I Practice

“The materials and expertise that Global Excellence brought to the project enabled
us to roll out a highly successful D & I initiative that has received high quality feedback from day one and has supported our global D & I efforts considerably”.