Global Excellence will make the world work for you – wherever your global business takes you

Founded in 1991 by Richard Cook & Nita Sharma, Global Excellence was set up to meet the needs of businesses going global. It was clear back then that the people working globally were often challenged by this new workspace they found themselves in. How do you make sense of diversity and cultural differences in areas like communication, relationship management, hierarchy and teamwork? How do you create inclusion across six time zones, with culturally diverse teams? How should global leaders operate, inspire and motivate across four continents? How can managers in one country lead a team in another without ever meeting them?

So this is what we do. All of the above – and more. We coach, train, develop and inspire the new global leaders, managers and team members – so they can be the best they can be, wherever the business needs them.

Richard Cook

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Nita Sharma

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