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Global Excellence

Richard Cook and Nita Sharma founded Global Excellence in 1991 to meet the needs of global business organisations. It was clear back then that although business was now global - the people working in it were struggling to meet the new challenges that it presented. How can you make sense of diversity and cultural differences in areas like communication, relationship management, hierarchy and teamwork? How do you create inclusion across six time zones with culturally diverse teams? How should global leaders operate, inspire and motivate across four continents? How can managers in one country lead a team in another without ever meeting them?

So this is what we do. All of the above - and more. We coach, train, develop and inspire, mentor and develop the people who can do it all - wherever the business needs them.

We help clients:

  • Get more from their international work
  • Discover new ways to be globally effective
  • Work confidently with other cultures
  • Build better relationships across the globe
  • Value diversity and its creativity

Global Excellence will make the world work for you - wherever your global business takes you.


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What our Clients Say

"I was looking for a training solution that would be deliverable right across both the UK and India sides of the business and it was important that neither side (the UK or India) was portrayed as 'the problem', but that everyone had a part to play in getting a sense of a single team, working together. Global Excellence designed and delivered a highly effective programme both for the UK and for Bangalore, helping to put key cultural issues at the heart of our global training agenda. practice in key areas of interaction."

Asha Sridhar, Training Manager
Tesco PLC